Lash Extension After Care

Now that you’ve gotten your eyelashes done, follow these simple steps to ensure the best retention:

  • Avoid exposure to water, sweat, steam (saunas), heat, facial services and tanning beds for the first 24 hours
  • Avoid touching your lashes, as your natural oils can start breaking down the adhesive bond. Be gentle if you rub your eyes, and don’t pick at your lashes no matter what!
  • Wash your lashes with a cleanser formulated for eyelash extensions. Washing your lashes will ensure you remove dirt, natural oils and debris that may in time break down the adhesive.  Oil breaks down the adhesive bond so cleaners must be oil free. Use a soft cloth or sponge to clean the eye area. You can use a clean makeup brush to clean your lashes. We recommend using the Balance cleanser.
  • Avoid facing the shower head directly if you put your head under it.
  • Do not wear mascara (especially if you have hybrid or volume lashes). Mascara will add weight to your natural lashes and you may risk damaging them. Mascara will also make it more likely for dirt, debris and natural oils to accumulate, and it is very hard to remove. If you choose to wear mascara, do not use waterproof mascara. It is your responsibility to come to your lash appointment with clean lashes.
  • Brush your lashes in the morning and before bed using a clean lash wand. Feel free to brush throughout the day as well, and be gentle!
  • Do not use an eyelash curler on your lash extensions.
  • Do not use oil-based products on or near the eyelash extensions. This also means eye creams! Make sure you stay away from your lash line when applying creams and serums.
  • Use only water-based make-up and water-based remover.
  • Avoid using waterproof cosmetic products on or near the lashes.
  • Try to sleep on your back. If you’re a side sleeper, make sure your lashes aren’t smushed on the pillow (you can put the side of your hand between the pillow and your face). If you prefer sleeping on your stomach, ask me about sleeping masks that are safe for eyelash extensions!
  • Book a lash fill appointment in Vancouver every 2-3 weeks so that grow outs can be removed and gaps can be filled.
  • See a certified  Lash Artist in Vancouver to remove your extensions if you no longer wish to have them filled.
  • Do not get any facials for 24-48 hours.

Do you have any questions about the after care procedures? Don’t hesitate to contact me and I’ll be happy to help!


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