Woman with Yumi Lash Lift from Eye Love Lashes YVR

Frequently Asked Questions

Woman with Yumi Lash Lift from Eye Love Lashes YVR

Here you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions which I have broken down into 4 categories:

  • the process
  • the application
  • the after
  • the products

Don’t hesitate to  contact me  if you have questions that are not answered here. 

The Process

You can contact me by  text or by phone  – leave a voicemail if I don’t pick up, I might be with a client! Sending  an email  is also a good alternative.
You can  click on this link  to access my booking system and pick a date/time for your eyelash extension appointment. If you’re not sure what to choose, please contact me. I am taking appointments in a private lash salon in Kitsilano on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays and am mobile on Thursdays and Fridays. 

On Thursdays and Fridays I am mobile, so I will come to you. You can relax and enjoy a lash nap in the comfort of your own home! If that is not a possible option for you, I can see you at a private lash salon near Burrard and 6th on Mondays, Tuesdays Wednesdays. 

Just think about where you would like to have your appointment, and I will need to borrow a chair or stool to sit on (don’t worry about the height, we can use pillows if the chair is too low). I will arrive with my lash table (as big as a massage table), my supplies, and lighting. If you live in a small space and are not sure that my lash table will fit, I can also lash you on your couch or on your bed.

Follow  this link  to read my blog post on  what you should do before your lash appointment.

I will do a thorough consultation during our first eyelash extension appointment where we will discuss the best look based on what you have in mind, your lifestyle, your eye shape, etc. When I see you for your fill, we will discuss how you felt about your set and if there is anything you want to change.

If you have any example pictures, feel free to show me and I can tell you whether or not it is realistic. If you have a pair of strip lashes you love to wear, show me! I’ll do my best to replicate them.

Note that everyone’s lashes will vary in length and strength, my first priority is to ensure that the set I’ll do will not damage your natural lashes.

There are two types of lash appointments: a full set (the first one), and a fill (every 2 to 3 weeks). The eyelash extension full set appointment time can vary on a few things, notably how many natural lashes you have. Here is a rough estimate:

  • Full set of classic eyelash extension: up to 1.5-2 hours of application time
  • Full set of hybrid eyelash extension: up to 2-3 hours of application time
  • Full set of volume eyelash extension: up to 3 hours of application time

A lash fill appointment will be shorter since you should have 50% of your extensions left in order for it to be considered a fill.

In order of preference, I accept cash/e-transfer, or any major credit card. I do get charged a fee per credit card transaction, which is why I prefer cash or Etransfer (but using my credit card for points, I completely understand if that’s what you want to use!). Etransfer does not always work smoothly so plan an alternative in the event that it does not go through.

The Application

The process of getting eyelash extensions in Vancouver should not hurt at all. You should not feel any pulling, tugging, or scratching during the application. Some side effects can include redness from the fumes caused by the adhesive curing, or from the under-eye pad moving but the effect goes away within a few hours.

Your eyelash extension artist in Vancouver should use the proper weight and length of extensions so as to not damage your natural lashes. Rules can be broken and sets can be heavier than they should but it should be on a temporary or exceptional basis.

Did you know that you shed your lashes just like you shed hair? A full lash growth cycle typically happens in 45-60 days, and we lose a few eyelashes a day naturally. For the health of your natural lashes, and for your own satisfaction, it is recommended that you  book your lash fill  appointments every 2-3 weeks.

Most definitely. Simply let me know that you wear glasses so that I know how long to keep your eyelash extensions. If you wear contacts, please remove them prior to your eyelash extension appointment; you’ll be able to put them back in after.

The After

There are some important things to do (or not do!) in order for your eyelash extensions to stay on as long as possible, and for your hybrid and volume sets to stay as fluffy as they were on the first day. Follow  this link  to view the after-care steps.  

You should not attempt to remove your own eyelash extensions. They are bonded to your natural lashes and require a special eyelash extension remover to safely be removed.

If you do attempt to remove them yourself, you risk damaging your natural lashes by breaking them, pulling them, or twisting them. Please go see a professional or give me a call to remove your eyelash extensions in Vancouver. If you really can’t do that, follow  this link  for some advice.

The Products

I use professional products that are only sold to eyelash extension certification holders. The products I use are all FDA approved. I do  my best to support Canadian businesses, which is why my lashes, adhesive, and remover are all from local and/or Canadian companies (British-Columbia and Alberta). 

Some of the brands I use are: Sugarlash, Muse & Maven, Adina Beauty, Black Cat, and The Lash Shop.

All extensions come in different lengths, thicknesses and curl types. Two of the most popular types of eyelash extensions are silk and synthetic mink. Synthetic mink and silk eyelashes are both made from a type of polyester called PBT. There’s also real mink eyelash extensions.

  • Synthetic Mink eyelash extensions closely mimic human hair. Since 2/3 of the extension is tapered, it can offer a soft natural look with a semi-matte finish.
  • Silk eyelash extensions are tapered 1/3 of the extension so they offer a fuller look, slightly shinier than synthetic mink. 
  • Mink eyelash extensions are made of real fur. Because they are permed to get their curl they are likely to lose their curl over time. It is also possible to develop an allergic reaction since it comes from an animal. Eye Love Lashes Yvr does not offer real fur/mink eyelash extensions.

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