Covid-19 health and safety guidelines

  • I will wear a mask as usual 
  • You can wear a mask if you would like, but it is not mandatory
  • I will continue to sanitize my tools and supplies before and after each client with a virucidal solution⁠
  • No appointments allowed if you are showing any COVID symptoms
  • No appointments if you have tested positive for COVID-19 or have been in close contact with someone who tested positive in the last 5 days

I am a certified lash artist. This means that not only am I committed to excellence, but also to your health and safety. 

As a certified lash artist, I am committed to British Columbia cosmetology regulations and providing safe eyelash extension services is of utmost importance. I don’t take any shortcuts when it comes to keeping my application area clean and disinfected according to protocol. Additionally, the products I use in order to maintain this level of safety are hospital-grade, EPA Approved, OSHA-compliant, bactericidal, fungicidal,  virucidal, and tuberculocidal. All of my disinfectant products are effective against staph, influenza, salmonella-eye, HIV-1 and more.

I also follow the national eye-wash guidelines, and have been trained on emergency procedures should they ever arise.