Hybrid Eyelash Extensions by Eye Love Lashes YVR done in Vancouver

Hybrid Eyelash Extensions in Vancouver

Hybrid Eyelash Extensions by Eye Love Lashes YVR done in Vancouver

There are 3 main options when it comes to getting a set of eyelash extensions in Vancouver:  classic eyelash extensions, volume eyelash extensions, and hybrid eyelash extensions. In either case, eyelash extensions are applied to a single natural lash – it’s the amount of lashes applied and style of application that determines what the set is called.

In Vancouver, hybrid eyelash extensions are the happy medium between classic and volume eyelash extensions. With classic eyelash extensions, you have one extension applied to one natural lash, and with volume eyelash extensions you have multiple extensions applied to one natural lash. In a hybrid eyelash extension set, you have a mix of both!

Since hybrid lashes are an in-between option, they are perfect for those who:

  • Want some density and length
  • Have sparse lashes
  • Have gaps in their lash lines
  • Want a bit more drama but not too much (that can be customized!)
  • Are interested in getting volume but not sure if it will be “too much”

As your lash artist, I will discuss what your options are in terms of density and length. My main priority is to ensure that the set that you will receive will not damage your natural lashes. When applied properly, eyelash extensions can be filled for months and even years without damage to your lash line.

The application time for a set of hybrid lashes is up to 3 hours for the first appointment and the lash fills can go up to 2 hours of application. This is all of course depending on how many natural lashes you have and how many extensions have to be removed & re-applied.

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