4 Reasons to Start a Lash Business

Are you looking for a side hustle or are interested in opening your own business? Are you passionate about beauty and aesthetics? Does helping people look and feel their best excite you? Then starting a lash business is perfect for you! 

There are a variety of reasons to start your own lash business.

First, creating a lash business gives you the freedom to operate it how you want. Whether it be something you decide to do on the side or if you want to make a career switch, starting your own lash business lets you be your own boss and call all the shots. Different from traditional jobs, having your own lash business gives you the freedom and flexibility to run your business and plan your days in a way that suits your lifestyle. For instance, you would get to make your own hours. This can look like doing lashes a few times a week or doing it full-time. Being your own boss and having the freedom to operate your business how you want is very appealing to many people! 

Starting a lash business can also be very profitable. We are all interested in beauty techniques that not only enhance our natural beauty but are convenient and help us cut down on time. Lash extensions help us wake up feeling ready-to-go, and so they have become increasingly popular recently and their popularity only continues to rise. Due to the high demand for lash extensions, starting your own lash business will allow you to make extra spending money or even become financially independent. In other words, you can choose to make as much or as little money as you want from your lash business! 

If you want to do something that helps others, then opening a lash business is a good option for you. Lash extensions enhance people’s natural beauty. Opening a lash business will allow you to empower others to feel beautiful and more confident. Lash artists also get to know their clients very well through repeated visits. Many lash artists build special bonds with their clients. Frequently, clients walk away from their sessions not only with gorgeous lashes but feel as if they had a mini therapy session with their artist! Opening your own lash business will allow you to help others feel good in a variety of ways. 

Last but not least, opening your own lash business allows you to learn skills that cannot be taken away from you. Lash application is a very unique skill set that you will possess going forward once you undergo the training. Not only will the training teach you how to practically apply lashes, but it also helps you refine important characteristics that will serve you for the rest of your life: attention to detail, patience, determination, and perseverance. Opening your own lash business will also teach you a variety of lessons about business. Deciding to pursue lash artistry and opening your own lash business will allow you to learn many skills that you can carry forward. 

So, are you ready to open your own lash business? Our Vancouver lash educator Morgane would love to support you in that! Here at Eye Love Lashes, we offer a classic lash course and 1-day personalised workshops in Vancouver. Unlike traditional lash courses and educators, Morgane is passionate about not only supporting her students in perfecting lash applications but successfully running their own businesses. Click one of the links below to setup a no obligation call for more info!

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