How to Have the Best Wedding Lash Extensions

picture of wedding updo on woman from behind

Most brides prefer lash extensions over glued-on strip lashes for their big day! We all know the frustrations that come with strip lashes, whether that be when they poke you in the eye or are barely hanging on. With lash extensions, you don’t need to worry about any of that! This is especially a relief when the waterworks start on your special day. Lash extensions also have the added bonus of longevity, which means you will continue waking up with perfect lashes on your honeymoon. However, like all things wedding related, ensuring you have the best wedding lashes takes some planning. If you want to be ready for your big day, you have to work backwards! 

Timeline for the Perfect Wedding Lashes: 

A few days before the wedding: Final Touch Up 

  • Have a final touch-up appointment with your lash artist scheduled for 1-2 days before the wedding. This makes sure that your lashes are absolutely perfect the day of! Your lash artist will be able to do any last-minute tweaks or fills so there is not one lash out of place on your wedding day. 

1 week before the wedding: Final Fill 

  • A week before your wedding day, you should have your final fill scheduled with your lash artist. During this fill, you want to make sure all of the details of your lash extensions are nailed down. This includes knowing exactly what shape, length, and curl you want for your wedding lashes. You should walk away from this appointment happy and confident that your lashes are precisely what you want for your special day. 

3-4 weeks before the wedding: Fill With Any Changes 

  • The goal of this fill appointment is to make any stylistic changes you want to your lashes. You have had your full set done and have had some time to get used to seeing yourself with them. Are there any changes you want to make? Are you happy with the shape? The length of your lashes? The curl style? Make sure to discuss any adjustments you want with your lash artist during this appointment. 

5-7 weeks before the wedding: Full Set

  • You want to make sure you get your full set at least 1.5 months before your wedding day. This is especially important if you never had lash extensions done before. While rare, some people do have allergies to the glue or other products used during the application process. No bride wants to have an allergic reaction right before their big day! Booking your full set earlier also allows you the flexibility of a few trials so you can nail down the style of your wedding day lash extensions. 

So, to sum it all up, if you do not have lash extensions already, you want to book your full set at least 5-7 weeks before your wedding day. You should then schedule two fill appointments, each 2-3 weeks apart, to make any style changes and finalize your look. Then, we recommend a final touch-up appointment a few days before your wedding to guarantee flawless lashes on your wedding day. Doing it this way ensures that your lashes are the perfect style and also avoids any surprises like allergic reactions.

If you have any questions about lash extensions or how to choose the best style for you, please reach out! Our Vancouver lash artist Morgane would love to work with you to craft your dream wedding day lashes. If you’re ready to book your appointments, you can do so by booking online here. Our online booking system allows you to book multiple appointments in advance! Booking now guarantees your appointments so you can check this task off your wedding to-do list!

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