How to Increase your Income as a Lash Artist

There are many perks of being a lash artist. Not only do you get to help others feel their best, but you also have the flexibility of operating your business how you want! Due to the current popularity of lash extensions, you essentially get to choose to make as much or as little money as you want. Looking for ideas on how to increase your income as a lash artist? Read on! 

  1. Add Retail Products

One great way to increase revenue is to add retail products to your lash business! There are a variety of lash-related products you can choose from. Many lash artists sell lash shampoos and lash growth serums. Lash shampoos are necessary because they allow clients to keep their lashes clean and help with retention, so they are a popular product to retail. Lash serums also tend to be a hit because they keep lashes strong and healthy, allowing your clients to get longer/fuller sets, or more noticeable lash lifts & tint. Another fun option is lash-themed items and apparel. We would recommend trying out a small batch of these first because they tend to go slower, but are well-loved by dedicated lash clients. You can also look into partnering with other local beauty or wellness businesses and offer to sell their products in your studio in exchange for a portion of the profits.  If you’re interested in selling apparel or lash-themed items (mugs, jewellery plates etc) pay attention to your margins and really think about if your current clients would buy them, so that you’re not sitting on inventory collecting dust.

  1. Increase Your Skill Level

Increasing your skill level is another way you can increase your income as a lash artist. This can look like getting trained in a variety of lash styles so you can offer many different lash extension options to your clients. You can also look into training for other lash services like lash tinting and lash lifting! Or, you can always sharpen your lash extension skills by taking additional courses and getting more certifications. A higher quality of work deserves a higher price. Make sure to display your certificates in clean matching frames to show your clients how you are dedicated to the craft and committed to your professional growth! If you’re looking to add more services, think about your current clientele and if they would opt-in or not. For example, if your target client is a mature clientele, spending money and time on getting trained for tooth gems might not be the best call – unless you’re trying to also capture a younger clientele. 

  1. Have an Amazing Client Experience

If you want high-end prices, then you have to provide a higher-end service. The whole client experience, from walking into your lash studio to opening their eyes to see their new lashes, must feel high-end. Pay attention to the studio decor and ask yourself if every item belongs. At a glance, does your studio convey what you want it to? Is the space mismatched and cluttered or clean and professional? You also want to make sure your client has a very comfortable experience during the lashing process. Your client has to remain still while lying down on their back for a long period of time, so you want to make sure your bed is as comfortable as possible. We recommend opting for a memory foam topper and pillow. A pillow under the legs is great for additional comfort, as well as soft, plush or even heated blankets! For a high-end spa feel, you can play calming music throughout the session and even have a neutral-smelling diffuser on.   

There you have it: our top three tips to increase your income as a lash artist. Do you have any additional tips? Leave a reply below! If you have any questions or are interested in additional training or support in running your lash business, please feel free to reach out to our Vancouver lash educator Morgane! Here at Eye Love Lashes, we offer 1-day personalized workshops in Vancouver for certified lash artists seeking to brush up on their skills, learn advanced techniques, or would like support with their business plans. If you’re looking to join the industry, we have a 3-day Classic Lash Extension course in Vancouver.

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