How to Lash Faster

As lash artists we strive to provide beautiful quality sets. We also want to be able to finish them in a timely manner – both for the client but also for ourselves. I’m sorry to say, there is unfortunately no secret formula to get quicker at lashing, but this blog post covers a few things that you can try in order to compete your lash sets and lash fills quicker.

  1. Practice Makes Perfect

This is a boring one, but it honestly couldn’t be more true. The foundation of speed in lash extensions lies in consistent practice. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a beginner, dedicating time to hone your skills is essential. One effective way to practice is by using models or lash extension training sponges. Models provide the advantage of real-life scenarios, allowing you to adapt to different eye shapes, lash conditions and potentially fluttery lids.. Training sponges, on the other hand, provide a controlled environment for targeted practice on specific techniques. 

Allocate specific practice sessions to focus on different aspects of lash extension application, such as isolation, adhesive control, and lash placement. By dedicating time to deliberate practice, you will gradually build muscle memory and confidence, leading to increased speed and precision during actual client appointments.

  1. Taping Techniques for Time-Efficient Isolation

Time spent on isolating lashes can significantly impact the overall speed of your lash extension application. To expedite this process, mastering various taping techniques is key. Experiment with different tape placements and find what works best for you and your client. Make sure you also take the time to properly place the gel pads so that you don’t need to re-adjust partway through your set (and avoid bottom/top stickies). 

For example: 

You can use tape to gently pull the lid outward, helping you separate the delicate inner lashes. 

Similarly, you can use tape to gently pull the lid inward, to help separate the outer lashes. Otherwise, you can tape some of the outer corner lashes up and start working through your placement there. 

You also have the option to tape the lashes up right away and start with the bottom layer, or you can lash some of the top layer and then tape the extensions up to help you isolate what you haven’t lashed yet. 

  1. Minimize Distractions

There can be a lot of distractions when you lash, especially if you work in an open-concept lash salon. Minimizing those distractions during the application process can help you focus on your work and get through your lash set more efficiently. 

Also, while building a rapport with your clients is important, finding a balance between friendly conversation and focused work is crucial. You can have a few minutes of catch up when they walk in and when you put the pads, but let them know that you’re working on improving your skills and would prefer to keep quiet for the rest of the appointment. You can give the a heads up and encourage them to bring their headphones to listen to a podcast or audiobook if they’d like. Otherwise, you can put that on your speaker (depending on if you’re in your own room or not…). You can also just play relaxing music so that they can fall asleep and have a beauty nap. 

If you work in a busy salon, consider using headphones yourself! Maybe just 1 ear or at a lower volume so that you can hear if anyone needs you or if your client says something. 

Becoming quicker at lash extensions is a journey that combines skill development, technique refinement, and a mindful approach to time management. By incorporating intentional practice with models or training sponges, mastering taping techniques, and minimizing distractions through focused work, you can elevate your efficiency as a lash artist.

Remember though, speed should never compromise the quality of your work. Strive for a balance that allows you to deliver exceptional results while optimizing your time, creating a win-win situation for both you and your clients. As you implement these strategies, you’ll find yourself not only working more efficiently but also enjoying the process of enhancing the natural beauty of your clients one lash at a time.

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