How to Prepare for a Photoshoot

If you are a lash artist and business owner, you may think that the only pictures you need are of your work. While photos of the lashes you’ve done are very important, if you want to elevate your brand, you should consider having a professional photoshoot done! A professional photoshoot can be of yourself, your lash studio, or of the retail products you sell as a part of your lash business. It is very useful to have a wide selection of pictures that you can use on your various social media platforms for marketing purposes. For example, having headshots of yourself is great to use for “About Me” posts to introduce yourself to new Instagram followers! 

So, if you are ready to elevate your brand as a lash artist and business owner, then read on to learn how to best prepare for a professional photoshoot.    

  1. Use Pinterest as a tool for inspiration.
    First, brainstorm some different concepts. Are you wanting the photo shoot to be more focused on you and your brand, on your retail items or both? Regardless of which concept you decide on, make a Pinterest board of your ideas! It allows you to create a mood board and save shot ideas. You can search for ideas like “branding shoot” or “lash artist photoshoot” or “beauty salon shoot”.

  2. Find a photographer.
    There are a variety of photography styles out there. Find a photographer who matches your style and your vision for the shoot. It would be helpful to share your Pinterest board with them to make sure the partnership is a good match. You also want to make sure you guys get along and that you feel comfortable around them. Lastly, make sure to find out their pricing, how many pictures you will receive, and how long you will work with them for.

  3. Reach out to other professionals to collaborate.
    For example, if you decide to do headshots,  hair and makeup artists may be interested in working together. They may be interested in doing your hair and makeup to add the headshots into their own portfolios; they may even help pitch in for the photographer or photoshoot room rental! Alternatively, you can figure out an exchange of services such as a full set in exchange for getting your makeup done.

  4. Decide on the location of the photoshoot.
    Based on your vision and Pinterest mood board, brainstorm some location ideas. Be mindful of the time of day and the weather. It could be helpful to run your ideas by your photographer and hear their input and suggestions before finalizing the location. They may even know some secret locations that would be great for your vision!

  5. Invite friends!
    If the purpose of the photoshoot is to have your headshots done, it might be less nerve-wracking and more fun to have your own cheer squad. Alternatively, if the photoshoot is for retail items, you could ask your friends to model. Be mindful that not everyone feels comfortable or knows how to model products so depending on your vision, it may be beneficial to reach out to talent agencies in your city to work with their models.

  6. Check your photos throughout the shoot.
    During the photoshoot, make sure to take pauses to look through the shots to ensure that they match your vision or that you like the way you look. You don’t want to complete the entire photoshoot just to realize at the end the photos aren’t what you’re looking for! 

  7. Have fun!
    Don’t take yourself too seriously and try to stay relaxed. If you’re feeling a little stiff at the start, don’t worry, you’ll get more at ease as the shoot progresses.

There you go, our top tips on how to have the best photoshoot so you can elevate your brand and business as a lash artist! Do you have any additional tips? Please leave them in the comments below! Make sure to keep checking back to our website for more blog posts that share our secrets to succeeding as a lash artist. Follow us on social media as well for additional tips and tricks!

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