How to safely remove your eyelash extensions at home

We’re all doing our part staying at home in order to help flatten the curve and spread Covid-19. Unfortunately, this means that all non-essential businesses are closed, including beauty & lash salons in Vancouver. What does this mean for you ?

You have likely received a full set or a lash fill in the last two weeks, which means your lashes are slowly starting to shed. If you haven’t noticed already, you will see that some of the eyelash extensions are now longer than some of the neighbouring lashes. This is due to the lashes you had in their catagen phase (what I call the « teenage lashes ») growing into the telogen phase (« adult lashes »). The reason why we recommend lash fills every 2-3 weeks is so that we can remove the overgrown lashes and apply new ones.

If the overgrown lashes aren’t removed, they’ll likely start turning or twisting. This may get a little uncomfortable for you. Since all eyelash extension salons in Vancouver are closed, what do you do ?

  1. No matter what, please please please don’t pick at your lashes. In doing so, you risk plucking your natural lash with the extension instead of just removing the extension. This will leave you with a gap in your lash line.
  2. Keep brushing your lashes regularly. I brush mine when I wake up, a few times throughout the day, and before going to bed. You should be doing the same, and maybe a little more often. This is to ensure they all stay as straight as possible and don’t put additional weight on the lashes next to them.
  3. Resist applying mascara. You’ll be adding extra weight to your lashes, which is not good for their natural health as it may cause them to shed early
  4. Apply oils to the lashes. You’ve heard me say that the eyelash extension adhesive is sensitive to oil, that oils break down the adhesive bond. You may read that applying coconut oil on your lashes will help with removal. I personally have not tried that technique or know of anyone trying it. If you’re going to try it, be very careful and very gentle. You may remove some of your natural lashes with the extensions as you wipe off. There are professional products out there, but please message me first if you are seriously considering going that route. Either way, now’s the time to use those rich and oil-based face and eye creams you’ve been waiting to use, just be careful not to get it in your eyes.
  5. Be patient. If everyone does their part, we’ll be out of isolation soon and you’ll be able to see me !

When we are allowed to re-open, I will prioritize my clients over new business. If you are one of my regular clients I will ensure that I see you before I see someone that I have not seen for eyelash extensions before. I will also have extended business hours for eyelash extensions in the Greater Vancouver area. As always, you’ll be able to book online.

I would be more than happy to answer any questions that you have, don’t hesitate to give me a call or send me an email ! Stay safe xo

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