How to Choose a Great Lash Educator

Morgane owner of Eye Love Lashes YVR
Morgane, Owner and Lash artist at Eye Love Lashes

You may have a variety of reasons for why you desire to be a lash artist. Maybe you love all things beauty, are passionate about helping others feel their best, or opening your own lash business sounds exciting to you. Whatever the reason, congratulations on deciding to pursue lash artistry! Now, the next step is to find the best lash educator to help you achieve your dreams. But, what makes a great lash educator? This blog post will help you narrow down your search by highlighting the most important characteristics of a great lash educator. 

1. Years of experience in the industry

You will want to find a lash educator who has many years of experience in the industry. Starting your own lash business can feel very daunting. Not only will you need to learn the technical skills of lash extension application, but also how to manage and promote your lash business. Thus, you will want to find an educator who not only knows what they’re doing in terms of applying lashes, but who is also well-versed in running their own business. A lash educator with multiple years of experience in the field will have the skills and knowledge needed to succeed as a lash artist and business owner, and are more likely to pass these abilities on to their students.  

2. Amount of education

When looking for a great lash educator, you will want to consider how much education and training they have undergone. A lash educator with extensive education shows their commitment to their craft, dedication to excellence, and continued pursuit of innovation in the field. Lash educators with more education will be able to draw from a variety of sources and pass on their knowledgebase to their students. Thus, a great lash educator will have extensive education and continue to pursue further education.

3. Certifications

It is also important to consider the number and type of certifications a lash educator has. Like the amount of education, certifications tell you a lot about a lash educator. For example, it shows you what specific styles of lash extensions they are trained in. These certifications also tell you whether or not their own training was completed through a reputable and accredited source. Great lash educators will be open and transparent about their own training and certifications. 

4. A genuine desire to help their students succeed

Lastly, a great lash educator is genuinely passionate about helping their students succeed as lash artists and business owners. Your lash educator should not only teach a thoughtfully developed curriculum and adapt to your learning style, but be available as a resource. Great lash educators go above and beyond for their students, and some are even available for help and guidance even after the completion of the course.  

There are many things to consider when researching lash educators. You want to find a lash educator who will set you up for success as a lash artist and business owner. Key characteristics to review when choosing your lash educator are years of experience, education, certifications, and if the lash educator is truly passionate about supporting their students. 

Here at Eye Love Lashes, we offer a 1-day personalised workshop and a classic lash extension course in Vancouver. The lash workshop is perfect for those who are already certified but would benefit from brushing up on skills, learning advanced techniques, or need additional support with anything tied to their lash business. You can also browse through our selection of lash guides written specifically to help lash artists thrive. Our Vancouver lash educator Morgane has worked for over 6 years in the lash industry, has taken 8 courses, possesses 4 certifications, and she wants to help YOU achieve your lash artist dreams. Unlike traditional lash courses and educators, Morgane is passionate about not only supporting her students in perfecting lash application, but successfully running their own business.  

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