Why have lash lifts taken Vancouver by storm?

A lash lift is perfect for those who want something super low maintenance. Here are a few examples:

  • You don’t have to see your lash artist in Vancouver every 2-3 weeks like you do for eyelash extensions
  • You can wear mascara as long as you wait 24 hours after the eyelash lift appointment in Vancouver
  • You no longer need to fight and curse your eyelash curler in the morning or throughout the day. This curl will stay all day, no more of this “curl in the morning, flat in the afternoon” deal

How does it work

A lash lift entails curling your lashes with a solution that will help them keep their curl for 6-8 weeks. Your natural lashes will be curled around a silicone shield, and 3 chemicals will be applied: there is a perm lotion to soften your natural lashes, the setting lotion to make them take the shape of the shield, and the nourishing lotion to keep them healthy (like a conditioner for when you wash your hair). Each lotion is applied and left on for about 10 minutes, depending on your natural lashes.

The result? Lifted lashes which will help open up your eyes and make you look more refreshed with little extra effort in the morning. You can also opt to have a tint, which would alleviate the need for mascara (though you may get a bit more of a volume effect if you apply mascara). Your lashes will shed per their regular lash cycle, and the new lashes will grow in how they used to be – this is why some may need a re-do sooner than others.

Since lash lifting is simply curling your lashes, it does not add length of volume. For this reason, I recommend you use a lash growth serum (like Eyenvy) before or after your lash lift appointment, so that you can have even more dramatic results.

Is it safe
They are very safe if done by someone who is trained and experienced, which is the case with Eye Love Lashes YVR. I use SugarLashPro products, which are cream-based and easier to control (meaning they won’t run in your eyes). If you opt to get the service done, look for a certified lash lift provider in Vancouver.

Sounds like a dream? Book online through my booking system, or send me an email if you have any questions! I look forward to seeing you for your lash lift in Vancouver!

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