Why You Should Wash Your Lashes With a Lash Cleanser

Many Vancouver lash artists ask their clients to wait 24-48 hours after getting their set done before getting the lashes wet. After you’ve waited that amount of time, you should wash your lashes regularly with a cleanser made for lash extensions.


Well, you shower, wash your face and wash your hair – it only makes sense that you would also wash your lashes, especially considering that lashes’ role is to catch things to prevent them from getting in your eyes. That aside, washing your lashes will help your extensions stay on longer (what we call “retention”).

The adhesive bond between the lash extension and your natural lash can break down over time when exposed to oil and other residue. Some people have dirtier lashes due to makeup, working out, or being prone to having oily skin. Washing your lashes regularly ensures that there is less buildup that will get your extensions to fall off.

Another important point is that we all have Demodex Folliculitis (eyelash mites!) – it’s a symbiotic relationship and their role is to eat dead skin and oils. When you don’t wash your lashes, you have extra food for the lash mites, so they proliferate and this can lead to some issues like swelling and itchiness around the eyelid.

Why use a lash cleanser?

If you don’t have a lash cleanser around, at least rinse your lashes with water (it’s better than nothing). Lash cleansers are made specifically for use with lash extensions. The combination of ingredients makes it safe to use around your eyes and helps properly remove natural oils, dead skin buildup and makeup.

At Eye Love Lashes in Vancouver, we retail the Balance lash cleanser by Adina Beauty. It is specifically formulated for lash extensions and is gentle on the eyes, unlike a lot of lash shampoos on the market. We have chosen to retail this lash cleanser in Vancouver because there is no stinging or dryness, it contains hyaluronic acid which helps keep the skin’s hydration levels balanced all while removing natural oils, buildup and dirt.

How to wash your lashes with a lash cleanser

We recommend doing one eye at a time.

  1. Dispense a half pump of cleanser on the top of your hand
  2. Scoop some cleanser up with an eyeshadow blending brush
  3. Gently apply the cleanser from inner to the outer corner and from base to tip. Repeat with more cleanser if needed
  4. Rinse off by cupping some water in the palm of your hand and running it on your eye
  5. Pat dry with a lint-free towel
  6. Wait for the lashes to be dry before brushing them (they tangle more easily when wet and you will have more chances of ripping them out by accident). If you are in a hurry, you can blow dry them on cool before brushing them

Contact us today to purchase your lash cleanser in Vancouver – we’ll happily deliver it or you can pick it up at our Kitsilano salon location.

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