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I provide a mobile service for eyelash extensions in Vancouver on  Fridays and am taking appointments in a private lash salon in Kitsilano (Burrard and 6th) from Monday to Thursdays. I also provide  YUMI Lash Lifts & Tint, which I do as a mobile service and in salon.

Get dolled up with a set of eyelash extensions in the comfort of your own home! Convenience is everything these days, which is why I have chosen to provide a mobile service for eyelash extensions and lash lifts in Vancouver. I bring my table and all of the necessary supplies; if you have a small space you can lie down on your couch or on your bed!

Take a look at the Price Menu  for more information regarding my service area and any applicable distance fee.

What are Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extension examples of different lengths and curls

Eyelash extensions are made to enhance one’s natural lashes by adding length, thickness and/or volume. They come in different curls (D, C, B, J, L, L+, M…) and diameters (depending on classic or volume lash extensions).

They are not to be confused with strip lashes (also referred to as falsies) or cluster lashes. While you can buy strip lashes at your local drugstore or makeup retailer (MAC, Sephora etc.) and apply them yourself, you will not be able to buy eyelash extensions without being a certified/licensed eyelash extension artist and you will definitely not be able to apply them yourself.

Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent, will last 2-5 weeks and give the impression that you are wearing mascara (hello, time saver!). There are 3 types of eyelash extensions available: silk, synthetic mink and mink. Silk and synthetic mink eyelash extensions are both made of polyester. The third type (mink eyelash extensions) are made of real mink fur.

Eyelash extension examples of different lengths and curls

The Eyelash Extension Application Process

Eyelash extensions will be applied to each natural lash as long as they are strong enough. The average person has 100-200 lashes per eye, so the end result will depend on the natural fullness and thickness of your natural lashes. Lash Artists use a special adhesive designed to be used for lashes, and the extensions are placed 1mm away from your lash line to avoid irritation.

I keep a record of what lashes and pattern I have used on you, or how long I have left the solutions on for your lash lift. That way, it is easy for me to do the same or something different for our next appointment. I will also go over some aftercare steps you can take to extend the life of your lashes. Once we have decided what we will be doing, you can have a beauty nap while I individually apply the perfect lashes for your look look! Once you are satisfied, I will leave you with an  aftercare card  as well as your  Loyalty  rewards card  so that you can accumulate points and redeem them for discounts. 

What is a Lash Lift?

Before and after of Yumi Lash Lift by Eye Love Lashes Vancouver

Think of it like a perm for your lashes, it does actually smell a little bit like the   “old school” hair perms. Your lashes are curled back on a silicone shield placed on your eyelid, and 3 products are then applied with the end result being curled lashes. After the YUMI lash lift you will enjoy having lashes that keep their curl for 6-8 weeks! They are much lower maintenance than eyelash extensions: after 24 hours, you’ll be able to put on mascara, rub your eyes (be gentle, of course), etc.

The YUMI Lash Lift Process
Three solutions will be applied to your lashes: a perming solution, a setting solution, and a nourishing oil. Lash tinting is also complimentary with each YUMI Lash Lift service done in Vancouver and the Greater Vancouver area. 

Before and after of Yumi Lash Lift by Eye Love Lashes Vancouver

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